About me

Hi I’m Cil!
I’m an illustrator and comic artist from Antwerp, Belgium. My mom was the first person that sparked my creativity. She had her atelier in our home. I spend a lot of my youth painting in there. I had a wonderful time growing up in this creative environment. In high school I studied fine arts. After I graduated I studied at the Antwerp Fashion Academy for a year.

But soon I realized that I missed drawing and telling stories through my art, so I changed course and went to study Graphic Storytelling at Sint Lukas Brussels, this was a study much closer to my heart. Now I’m in my third year there. Next year I hope to make a graphic novel in my master.


I love... walks in nature, visiting museums, singing, deep conversations with friends, buying new fancy color pencils and watching costume drama's (tip: watch Emma – Autumn De Wilde) Let’s work together! For work inquiries, to buy a print or to say hello, please email me at cil.de.vylder@telenet.be

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